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Is Affordable Housing Important To You?

"It’s helped me to be able to have a home of my own for my family and allowed me to go back to school to get a better job."  Desirea T.

""We didn’t have a steady home.  My family is now stable – all my kids and myself are in counseling."  Lisa G.

"I am not homeless and haven’t been since I have help with rent.  My anxiety is much better.  I have PTSD and knowing I have a roof over my head is true security to me."  Barbara D.

"I’m not worried about where I’m going to sleep at night."  Robert P.

"We are reestablished in my child’s first school district and live in a home that accommodates our whole family.  My child with special needs is not constantly stressed out and is off suicide watch.  I am able to have reduced stress levels which is vital to my health conditions.  Stress triggers my arthritis and fibromyalgia."  Jessica E.

"I’ve been able to go to cosmetology school and graduate.  Am now currently working as a hair dresser.  Can have my own place and my kids can have their own space. "  Annamaree G.

"My life and self-esteem is much better.  I no longer worry and have a house."  Lonnie G."

"Began on a domestic violence program which was good for me and the kids.  We were no longer homeless or had to worry about kids.  Gave me an opportunity to get my life together.  Still trying to better my life and childrens!  Have 2 elementary kids who are in the paper all the time!  And an honor roll student in middle school!"  Nichole S.

"I can afford a reasonable home that is safe for my family, we have enough food, and I am able to afford a car to get to work and safely transport my children."  Kristina Z.

"I was able to be closer to my children and my elderly parents."  Kim C."

"I am not homeless.  I am able to make a nice, safe life for my family and myself."  Tina K."

"I have gotten a house for me and my children and am receiving help for my mental illnesses.  I am able to enjoy life a little bit more each day."  Virginia V.

"I have a home to live in.  I have a place for my great and grandchildren to come to."  Roberta R.

"We can kind of breathe a little bit better.  We have a warm place to sleep and a roof over our heads and food on the table.  Before we were homeless making every day to try to stay warm and keep healthy."  Teresa P.

"My son and I are safe and happy now that the evil man is gone and we are living in our own place."  Tiffany H.

"Able to live in a warm place to call home.  For myself and my family the benefits of LHA helps families and when you have only so much to work with it has been very helpful.  I have struggled in the past 5 years when I lost my son."  Keri V

"We are less stressed but still  happy that we have a place that our daughter can call home and a place that we can sleep, cook, and love."  Marshall H.

"I no longer fear being in my house.  It is secured and is not in a flood zone.  I am healthier now."  Linda H.

"I have cleaned up my life.  I no longer do drugs and I’m mentally stable and I’ve found a good church.  Praise God.  Thank you."  Cynthia G.

"I am able to feel somewhat safe and know I have a place to rest my head to sleep at night.  I have a beautiful yard I can rest in to do my bible study.  I have running water to shower.  Thank you all who make it possible for me to have the luxury of a home."  Becky C.

"I no longer live in fear.  I don’t have to worry so much about being stalked, house broken into, etc.  I have a place to call home and a place I’m proud to call mine.  I’m grateful to a part of such an amazing program.  The staff is great.  They are helpful and so friendly."  Cheryl C.

"With Longview Housing I am able to concentrate on schooling and work towards my degree as a diesel mechanic."  Jeffrey G.

"I am blessed to have LHA’s assistance – I have 2 special needs sons: ages 8 and 9 yrs old.  I live next door to my mother in a house in a nice neighborhood with my 2 youngest sons.  I avoid confrontations with other kids and noise. My autistic son tears things up and runs all over the house – in an apartment there would be problems."  Tami J.

"Now I feel safe and I don’t live in fear of my life."  Katey S.

"I have over 3 years clean and sober.  Thanks to being able to provide a safe and adequate home for my son I now have full custody and our lives have improved exponentially.  I am able to focus on repairing and improving our lives.  My son is happy and doing wonderfully.
J"  Deisha C.

"I am newly married with four kids.  We both work full time.  We pay most of our rent but having that help available if we lost our job tomorrow our rent would be paid."  Karyn F.

"I can pay all my bills and have enough money left over to buy a card for my mom’s birthday and a present for my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day!"  Stan H.

"I’m not homeless.  I have an income.  I can pay my bills.  I am so grateful that I am on HUD."  Shannon F.

"I have held down full time employment every day since we were approved for help with housing.   Covered my bills, stable home over our heads and now have a good running vehicle at our disposal."  J. L.

"I have my own home.  No worries about belongings being stolen.  No one is telling me what to do.  I’m allowed to have my 2 cats.  Not embarrassed  and I don’t feel bad about myself."  Sharon T.

"I am independent and with the help of medicade, functioning well with a mental illness."  Lisa J.

"I was given a chance at living and I am just like others in the world.  No time to hate because I can make it.  I have been alive for about 2 years now and now I love life.  I have my family back.  Thank you!"  Brenda H.

"I have achieved homeownership and able to now provide a stable, amazing home for my family.  It gives us all a sense of security I have never experienced before."  Theresa J.

"I can shower better, warm.  No condensation and mold."  Sheri S.

"My sons are attending school.  One son is on honor roll.  We have stability now, we have hope for our futures.  Our spirits are healing."  Colleen O.

"I do not live in a car, can afford food.  I was able to take care of daughter and me so much better.  Did not have to depend on a man."  Mary S.

"As a single father this has given me time to focus on the problems of me and my son."  Michael B.

"I’m able to afford a roof over both of my children’s heads.  I’ve been able to seek mental health services due to my disability and make it on a fixed income.  And since have been able to hold down a part-time job."  Christal R.

""It helped give me the confidence to move forward.  I got off welfare.  I work and am almost totally self sufficient."  Cindy R.

"I have been able to attend school and start an education which will better my life for myself and children."  Joni A.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for people who experience barriers to housing and self-sufficiency because of income, disability or special needs, in an environment which promotes dignity and encourages personal responsibility.

Below are our rental properties.  If you want additional information simply click on the picture.

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